Flange Insulation Gaskets Kits

Product Description

Flange Insulation Gaskets Kits

Rilson Sealing Gaskets Kits are designed to combat the effects of corrosion, has the excellent sealing and insulating design for all types’ flanges. It composed of one piece insulating gasket, each bolt with one sleeve, each nut with one insulating washer and steel washer. Used in two different material pipeline flanges for anti-corrosion and prefects conduction of electricity.

Flange Insulation Gaskets Kits types:

Type D: are made specifically to fit into the ring groove of RTJ flanges. They are available in reinforced phenolic and other materials.

Type E: Gaskets have the same outside diameter as the flanges, and are made with precision-located bolt holes. They are easy to center and will prevent foreign material from becoming lodged between the flange faces and "shorting out" the flange insulation.

Type F: The gasket is made to fit the raised face portion of the flange only. As there are no bolts holes in the F style gasket, the outside diameter of the gasket is slightly larger than the inside diameter of the bolt hole circle.

Flange Insulation Gaskets Kits Features:

1.The sealing elements encapsulated in the special designed groove, avoid the sealing element broken when the bolts torque are not equal.

2.The material such Nitrile, EPDM, VITON and Telfon can be used as sealing elements, this increase the options for different working conditions.

3.Both retainer and sealing element’s temperature limit should be considered together while choose the material.

Rilson provide complete insulation kits, or separate provide according to customer's requirements.

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