Exhaust Copper Gaskets

Product Description

Exhaust Copper Gaskets

We manufactured the exhaust copper gaskets from thick, pliable copper with a raised compression ring to maintain improved sealing. This is your answer to leaking exhaust flange on just about any set of stock or custom cylinder heads. Copper exhaust gaskets are must when running fuel injection or a turbo. All copper exhaust gaskets have a crush-ring to help ensure a tight fit.

Copper gasket Features

1.Designed to provide excellent sealing and durability

2.Fabricated from high quality material

3.Heat resistant as well as reusable

4.Features a precision die cut

5.Backed by a limited warranty

Our service:

According to drawings or samples for our customers to   manufacture products

Working temperature:




Surface treatment:

Anodic oxidation


1.plastic bag   2.plastic bags+carton  3.customized




Applicable to sealing the flange of large diameter pressure   vessels( such as heat exchangers, reactors, etc)

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