Corrugated Metal Gaskets (CMG)
Product Description


Rilson corrugated metal gasket, an excellent choice for 150 and 300 class ASME flanges where available bolt loading is minimal. The substrate geometry promotes recovery and resilience through thermal cycles and extended service life. CMGs can be direct replacements for spiral wound gaskets and can eliminate inward buckling issues while creating a seal at moderate flange stresses. Available in a wide range of substrate alloys and covering layer options, CMG style flange gaskets can be utilized to solve many common flange problems. CMG substrate geometries are engineered to achieve maximum recovery characteristics. A specific pitch, core thickness and wall angle is engineered to maximize the seal’s ability to overcome relaxation through joint relaxation, pressure and thermal cycles.

Corrugated Gaskets Advantages

1. Outstanding mechanical strength and thermal conductivity.

2. Capable of withstanding high temperatures.

3. There are almost no limitation regarding size

4. Solid construction provides stability even for large diameters and ensures trouble-free handing and installation

Corrugated Gaskets Core Materials

Core Material

Max. Temperature

Stainless Steel

1000-1600°F  535-870°C

Carbob Steel

800°F  425°C


500°F  260°C


600°F  315°C


800°F  425°C


1500°F   815°C


1400°F  760°C


2000°F   1100°C

Shape & Construction

The metal gaskets are produced in several types to meet the most demanding applications, shapes round, oval, rectangular, etc.

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