Lens Ring Joint Gaskets Lens

Product Description

Lens Ring Joint Gaskets

A lens type gasket is a line contact seal for use in high pressure piping systems and in pressure vessel heads. The lens cross section is a spherical gasket surface and requires special machining on the flanges. These gaskets will seat with a small bolt load since the contact area is very small and gasket seating pressures are very high. Normally the gasket materials should be softer than the flange. In ordering lens gaskets, complete drawings and material specifications must be supplied.

Prime Features

1.Lens ring gasket is applicable for the pipe seal that the pressure isn't lower than 10MPa.

2.Lens ring gasket is of line seal, large expansion and contraction, large compensation and easy compact.

3.Due to contact with flange cone face, it is easy to have the pressing mark. The interchangeability of part is poor.

4.Lens ring gasket is also pressure energized, as well as the double-cone gasket.

5.The hardness of lens ring gasket must be15~20HB lower than the mating flange face hardness.


The gaskets are primarily used in the oil, gas, petrochemical and offshore industries. They are also commonly used on valves, pipe-work assemblies and vessel joints and are used to seal flanged connections subject to high pressures and temperatures.

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