Nuclear Grade Spiral Wound Gasket

Product Description

Nuclear Spiral Wound Gaskets

Nuclear Spiral Wound Gasket is composed of stainless steel fixed inner and outer ring as well as industrial grade and unclear grade flexible graphite sealing rings which are specialized making. It is conforms to application where temperature, pressure change suddenly and frequently.

Nuclear Graphite Spiral Wound Gasket provide the most effective sealing, the most reliable operation and the largest security assurances for middle and high pressure, high and fluctuation temperature, containers with nuclear safety level, equipments, valves, piping flange connecting. Spiral wound gaskets has been widely applied in the field of heat exchange, exhaust, Nuclear, HDLE, etc.

Prime Features:

Normal pressure: PN≤420 or Class≤2500;

Normal diameter: DN≤600 or NPS≤24;

Sealing Capability: ≤1×10-7Pa•M 3/s

Temperature: ≤450oC(air-like oxidizing medium);≤650oC(steam)

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