Glass Fiber Plaid Cloth

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Title:Glass Fiber plaid Cloth

Glass Fiber Cloth

Glass Fiber Cloth can be produced by different kinds of weaving -- plain, twill, satin; RILSON is a specialized manufacturer and exporter on E/C Glass Fiber Cloth ,Glass Fiber Cloth with Aluminum foil ,silicone coated and PTFE coated Cloth ,Glass Fiber Mesh Cloth,Glass Fiber Plaid Cloth,etc,  

Glass Fiber Cloth

Glass Fiber Cloth Made of non texturized glass fiber yarns, these cloths appear smooth and have higher weight than the texturized glass fiber cloth.

Glass Fiber Cloth Specification:

Thickness: 1mm to 5mm
Width: 1m
Working Temperature: 350℃~550

Glass Fiber Cloth Applications:

They are widely used in thermal insulation and can be treated in different ways in order to meet specific purposes,normally for heat shields, removable insulation covers, fire curtains, expansion joints.

Ranges of Glass Fiber Cloth






E/C Glass Fiber   Cloth

Combined with the above   contents


Texturized Glass   Fiber Cloth

1.Made of continuous   filament texturized yarns;
 2.They demonstrate a better insulating properties and greater fullness;
 3.Insulating properties depend upon conductivity and radiation and these are   influenced by the fabric construction;
 4.Normal for removable insulation covers, fiber blankets, fire curtains,   expansion joints and flue ducts


Finished Glass   Fiber Cloth

1.In order to meet   special purpose or to increase some peculiarities, there fabric can be   treated in various ways; 2.With different temperature resistance and special   properties, they are applied in a wide range of industrial fields.


Glass Fiber Mesh   Cloth

1.Glass fiber mesh   fabric coated by acrylic acid copolymer liquid; 2.Engineering material in   construction, reinforcement for plastic, pitch, stone, wall material,   roofing.


Glass Fiber Plaid   Cloth

1.Woven roving is   produced from roving especially designed for weaving;
 2.This type of cloth is used mainly in the manufacture of large structural   objects such as boat-hulls, car bodies, swimming pools, FRP, tank, furniture   and other products.

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