What is a spiral wound gasket

Rilson Engineers manufactures strictly to the standards by ASME B16.20 (Formerly API 601), DIN, JIS or any special shapes and sizes.

Spiral Wound Gasket comprise a mix of metallic and filler material. The gasket has a metal wound outwards in a circular spiral with the filler material wound in the samemanner but starting from the opposing side. This results in alternating layers of filler and metal. The filler material in these gaskets acts as the sealing element, with the metal providing structural support.

Spiral Wound Gaskets can be reinforced with inner ring or outer ring or both. The outer centering ring holds the gasket centrally within the bolt circle and inner ring improves.


1.Suitable for use across wide pressure range and temperature.

2.Spiral wound gaskets can be used to seal fluid pressure upto 400 bar and cryogenic temperature as low as -200 deg celcius and upto elevated temperatures of 1000 deg celcius.

3.Due to its simple design, Spiral Wound Gaskets are easy to install.

4.Due to the options of different winding materials, It can be tallored to awide range of operating conditions.

5.Easy to remove.

6.Cause no damage to the flange

Rilson Engineers serves you the following spiral wound gasket profiles:

RS1-R: Basic type Spiral Wound Gaskets

Basic Construction type with several plies of metal winding and non metallic cushioning filler. These are wound into spirals by welding at the beginning and in the end of the winding. This type is used for male & female (M&F) type flanges and tongue and groove (T&G) type flanges. Suitable for applications which includes pumps, bonnet, valves.

RS1-RIR: Spiral Wound Gaskets with Inner Ring

A metallic inner ring is added which acts as a prevention to the accumalation of solids, reduce turbulent flow of process fluids. These are used for male and female (M&F) type flanges.

RS1-CG: Spiral Wound Gaskets with Outer Ring

A metallic outer ring is added which accurately centers gasket on flange face. It provides extra strength to prevent gasket blow out. These are used for rased face flanges and flat faced flanges.

RS1-CGI: Spiral Wound Gaskets with Inner and outer ring

An inner ring is added to " RS1-CG" which protects spiral wound Gaskets from inward buckling during tightening.

RS1-CGI style provides an additional compression limiting stop. Acts as a corrosion barrier. Thus, preventing any erosion in the flanges. Inner rings are generally supplied in the same material as the Spiral Wound Component.

Suitable for raised face and flat face flanges. RS1-CGI is recommended for the following cases:

1.Hight pressure classes such as 600 class and above.

2.For high temperature.

3.Used where corrosive and toxic media is present.

Rilson can also supply customized sealing gasket as you need.

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