How to choose the proper Spiral Wound Gasket?

Spiral Wound Gasket is a important sealing elements which is widely used in many industries, such as petroleum, chemical processing, Metallurgical, Power Generation, vessel and so on. It is also the critical component of static sealing of pressure pipes, valves, pumps, heat ex changers and other equipment.

How to choose the proper Spiral Wound Gasket?

Notice the following points:

1. According to working situation ,the style of flange surface.

2. Select products with sound quality management system and operating effectively.

3. The defect of sealing surface is not accepted, just like scars, voids, uneven and rust which will affect sealing performance. The non-mental belt on the main surface of the gasket should be evenly and properly high out of the metal band, Inter-layer texture should be clear but the metal band should not be exposed. Welding spot gap should be evenly, no faults of unmelting or over melting, besides, burr, rugged, rust, and other defects in the surface of stiffening ring are prohibited. The spacing between the upper and lower to sealing surfaces of the gasket should be equal, reinforcing ring is also. The reinforcing ring can be divided into inner ring and outer ring. The inner reinforcing ring should be tightly fixed with the body of the gasket and can not be loosened. conversely, the outer reinforcing ring should keep the position and can be loosened properly.

4. Compressibility ,recovery and tightness are the most important factors of the gasket. In general, on the premise of meeting compression rate requirements, the higher the rebound rate is better, while under the premise of rebound rate demand, the higher compression could be more better. we should choose the gasket with a good sealing performance ,moderate Compressibility and large recovery.

The reasons for gasket failure:

Situation 1:insufficient pressure on the gasket. Due to the micro unevenness is always presented on the sealing surface, sometimes a number of ring groove are also processed on it. In order to guarantee the sealing performance, it is necessary to exert enough pressure on the gasket to keep elastic or plastic deformation to fill the gaps. The pressure of the gasket is usually listed on the sample catalogue or product specification which provided from manufacturer. It can either be determined by experiment. There are many reasons for the failure of gasket .For example, the pressing force is not enough for the gasket in assembly line, the vibration in the operation brings loosening of bolts so that the compression force is reduced as well as the loss of original flexibility due to the aging of gasket material. All these factor will cause gasket failure and flange leakage.

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